Game Console Mods

Nintendo DMG & Pocket – Game Console Mods

Take your old and dated Gameboy into the future with a variety of customized game console mods. While these systems are still playable, you can update them with these mods to improve visuals, lighting and more. As a result, the Gameboy DMG & Pocket can be modded in a variety of ways:

  • Colored backlight
  • Bivert¬†chip to increase contrast
  • Colored shell
  • One colored LCD screen
  • A Choice of Colored button combos
  • Custom internal LED lighting

Sega Game Gear – Game Console Mods

The Sega Game Gear suffers from an old and outdated lighting system. When this lighting source turns on it drains the batteries extremely quickly. Resulting in reduced battery performance. Having a backlight mod set in place will dramatically increase the performance and life of batteries to upwards of 12 hours*.

Another excellent mod for you to include is the DS Lite battery mod. This will replace the need to find batteries or use an AC adapter. Two DS Lite batteries are installed in the battery compartments and installed to provide 7.4V of power and 1000mAh of run time. The system is then charged off of a 5V micro USB adapter. The same type used to charge Android devices, PS4 controllers, and more.

PlayStation 1 – Game Console Mods

Many game players love the original PlayStation 1 console. Because of this and that next-gen consoles cannot play older games, players demanded a way to backup their old games and to play Japanese imports. Due to this demand, in enters the MM3 mod chip. Players can then backup their old copies of games and play them without worry of losing data and import Japanese titles to enjoy as well. Have your PlayStation 1 modded with the MM3 chip and start playing backed up games and Japanese imports.

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