Game Console Repair

Gameboy (DMG and Pocket) Game Console Repair

Heat, falls, and impacts will cause damage to your system. Due to this, your game system will become virtually unplayable. The typical damage that can occur are blank vertical lines, battery corrosion on the terminals, and even blown fuses for AC adaptors. If this has happened to you, send your Gameboy to FillhartTech to have a game console repair job completed.

DS & 3DS Game Console Repair

The DS line of gaming consoles all suffers from various types of damage: broken hinges, dead or busted LCD screens, sticky or unresponsive buttons, popping & snapping start up, etc. When you start to experience these problems or others, contact FillhartTech to have a free consultation regarding the damage to your system and steps to repair these devices and get them running again.

Sega Game Gear Game Console Repair

Game Gear handheld consoles all fail due to bad capacitors installed during production. When the capacitors fail, you will experience any of the following: fuzzy or green pictures, no sound or the device not powering on at all. To correct this problem, FillhartTech installs brand new, quality capacitors throughout the entire machine. This is done to ensure that all of the problems listed above are fixed.

Ocassionaly, Game Gear devices will also suffer from horizontal black bars. These horizontal bars occur due to overheating and causing the connections of the LCD and ribbon to lose contact. FillhartTech will repair this damage and have your LCD working properly again.

PSP Game Console Repair

The PSP can suffer from a variety of problems: broken LCD, no sound, no wifi, unresponsive buttons, UMD not reading games, bricked system, etc. These problems can be very frustrating for gamers and the first reaction is to buy a new system. Don’t replace your PSP, have it repaired by FillhartTech so you can start gaming again and save yourself money.


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