gameboy pocket burnt lcd fix

Gameboy Pocket Burnt LCD Fix

Recently, from the YouTuber sjm4306, I learned how to deal with the Gameboy Pocket burnt LCD fix. This was a repair & mod job I was constantly avoiding since I wasn’t sure what to do. Little did I know how easy the fix would actually be. Here’s a little back story on why this fix is actually very easy to do. Escpecially if you’ve modded Gameboys with backlights.

Parts of the LCD

Image care of ASM Retro at Instructables – Instructions to backlight Gameboys.

You’ll see in the image above that the Gameboy DMG & Pocket consist of four layers: 2 polarizing films, 1 LCD, & 1 mirror film. During a backlight mod, the 2nd polarizing film and mirror film are removed. The new polarizing film and black light are then added to backlight these devices.

What happens to a Gameboy that’s been burnt out is that the top polarizing film has been destroyed. This destruction could have been from a variety of different sources, extended exposure to direct sunlight, over use, etc.

How to Apply a Gameboy Pocket Burnt LCD Fix

In order to repair this damage all you’ll need to do is remove the top polarzing film. This can be accomplished with a razor blade, craft knife, or other edged instrument to remove this layer.

Once I begin removing the layer I generally then grab a pair of needle nose plyers to grab the corner I’ve lifted and then slowly peel the layer back and off. I always remove the film as slowly and parallel as possible so as not to damage the LCD below it. Do NOT pull the film perpendicular (up) from the LCD as this will stress the LCD and start to seperate it. If the LCD begins to seperate, black lines will form in the LCD. This damage, as far as I’m aware, is completely unrepairable.

Once the film has been removed and cleaned (with 90+% rubbing alcohol) a new polarizing film and be inserted and the device can be enjoyed again. When you insert the new film, make sure your orientation is proper. If you don’t, you can invert the pixels, which you may enjoy.

Post Repair Notes

In testing out this new repair process, I removed the film from the metallic blue Gameboy Pocket in the image above. When I had completely finished removing it and testing to see if the LCD was still good, I found troubling news. Sadly, this LCD had taken a considerable amount of punishment from its original owner. The LCD was deemed unusable and would be set aside for now.

gameboy pocket burnt lcd fixI plan on using this shell in a future repair and mod when I find a usable LCD from another Gameboy Pocket.