lieutenant raythen descent 2nd edition

Lieutenant Raythen Descent 2nd Edition Hero

FillhartTechNiques is proud to announce the completed Lieutenant Raythen D2e model and accompanying Painting Guide PDF. This figure was a joy to paint and certainly helped progress my understandings of the glazing technique, espeically on the long cloak. The glazing technique has been applied to the cloak and red cloth of the Lieutenant Raythen Descent 2nd Edition model. I’m extremely proud of how this model turned out. Especially if you compare it to my other miniatures that I’ve painted.

Tricky Parts and Suggestions

The hardest parts about painting this figure first, finding a suitable color for the red armor. The next difficult part would be maintaining a smooth glazing transition on the cloak (probably the most difficult part). Finally, the steel edge work on the boots. The edge work on the boots proved to be a problem due to the figure’s stance. This didn’t help at all but still worked out in the end.

If you’re interested in my work and would also like to paint your figure to this degree visit my shop and pick up a copy of my painting guide PDF.

Lieutenant Raythen Painting Guide PDF

Finished Work