Another passion of mine is miniature painting. You can see my 2nd Instagram account (Zerrian) to see all of the other miniatures I’ve painted over time. I have far more painted figures then what’s on that account but those are my most recent ones. I’ve been an avid board gamer since my mid-teens when I really got into the 3rd edition of Talisman. That game opened up a great world of gaming beyond that of the graphical ones. This love of board gaming has followed me to  present day where I play a variety of games.

One board game in particular is Descent: Journey’s in the Dark 2nd Edition produced by Fantasy Flight Games has been a big love of mine. So much so, that I started painting the figures many years ago with the 1st edition. With that, I’ve decided to share my experience, tips, and other suggestions to help you and others paint their figures as well. Which leads me to present a subsection of FillhartTech: FillhartTechNiques, techniques to help you in areas I want to share my experiences with.

Miniature Painting Guides

I’ve decided to develop painting guide PDFs to share my experiences, tips, and painting mixtures to help you bring your gray plastics to life. I plan to develop one painting guide every 1-2 months and paint these figures to as close as possible to the present artwork that accompanies many of the figures you play in these board games. I hope you enjoy my painting guides and that you find them very useful!