iPhone Repair

Android Repair & iPhone Repair

FillhartTech is proud to offer the local area a low-cost alternative to Android repair and iPhone repair. When your phone suffers a drop or fall, the screen will crack. Another key problem is over using the headphone jack or many buttons which will wear the device out. Another point often overlooked is overcharging the battery. As a result, this can destroy the battery as well. Bring your phone to FillhartTech to be sure to get a budget friendly alternative.

Out-of-Warranty Costs

Most people do not take on the added costs of insurance or care plans. When your iPhone is damaged from many problems the out of pocket expenses can be high. In effect, having your iPhone screen repaired professionally can range from $129-149, if out-of-warranty. The repair costs for other problems with your iPhone get even more expensive, ranging from $269-349.

Android repair can be just as expensive. Due to this, Andriod vendors will suggest that you purchase a new Android.

Repair to Your Damaged Phone

FillhartTech is able to provide fast and efficient repair services. For this reason, FillhartTech offers low costs for repairs, saving you money. As a result, many of the problems with your phone can be repaired easily and quickly. Below is a list of repair options but not limited too:

Android Services

  • Glass & Digitizer Replacement
  • LCD Replacement
  • Camera Replacement
  • Battery Exchange*
  • And more…

iPhone Services

  • Glass & Digitizer Repair
  • LCD Replacement
  • Camera Replacement
  • Battery Exchange
  • And more…

* Due to phones with internal batteries that cannot be accessed by normal means.

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