PC Repair & Laptop Repair

FillhartTech offers local PC repair & laptop repair for slow running and infected computers. When this happens FillhartTech will clean up your machine to make it run faster. Also, virus or malware could be infecting your PC. In that case, bring your PC to FillhartTech and we will help you get it to a “like-new” condition.

PC Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your PC? When you’re ready to do that, have FillhartTech update and upgrade your machine to run faster and smoother. Doing so will provide you with years of experience updating parts of PCs with the proper parts and exact parts. FillhartTech is able to replace, upgrade or add the following, but not limited to:

PC Upgrades & Replacement Parts

  • Power Supplies
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • Graphics Cards
  • RAM
  • Fans & Cooling Devices
  • Drives, Hard Drives & Solid State Drives
  • And more…

Laptop Replacement Parts

  • LCD
  • Batteries
  • Keyboards
  • RAM (Limited Upgrades Possible)
  • Drives, Hard Drives & Solid State Drives

Unfortunately, due to the limited room and precise nature of laptops. Replacing parts is all that can generally be done with laptops. RAM is generally the only item that can be upgraded to improve performance.

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