rechargeable sega game gear mod

Rechargeable Sega Game Gear Mod

During my time learning the different ways to mod out the Sega Game Gear, one of those ways was adding a rechargeable battery. I really enjoyed the idea of how to make a rechargeable sega game gear mod. You can see some of the work I’ve done on this topic on my Instagram page. I spent a good deal of time learning about batteries. How to use, charge, discharge batteries correctly and their values. So I had decided, with that knowledge, that I wanted to convert the Sega Game Gear into a rechargeable model.

After spending a great deal of time trying to work out how to use Nintendo DS Lite batteries with this proposed mod. After a lot of testing, with various BMS boards, it was determined that the DS Lite batteries could work but would need slight modifications. The modification would be removing the tiny BMS board already attached to the battery. Doing so made me rather uncomfortable and worried about future, dangerous problems. I decided, instead of removing that board, to just use a power-boosting board to generate enough voltage to get the machine on. This would allow the Sega Game Gear to turn on and run while only using one battery.

Concerns and General Issues Selling a Rechargeable Sega Game Gear Mod

I’ve had some problems with my devices going into the mail working. Then, when the customer receives the items, due to shipping problems, the device isn’t working. This has generally only happened with international shipping. With that in mind, it was still a factor I took into consideration selling locally. Some of the thoughts were as such:

  • Shipping could cause damaged to the internally added wiring.
  • Customers may not recharge the device properly.
  • The customer could also disregard and warning/safety information provided.
  • Overcharging or discharging could result in serious injury to the customer.

I’m sure there are other factors to take into consideration. I decided to take the safer route, though, and just not sell rechargeable batteries. Being a solo operation, I don’t have any kind of insurance against damage that could arise from selling such a mod.

This is not to say I won’t work on making my own rechargeable mod. I just won’t be selling any for the Sega Game Gear, at least not in the near future.