Most people will take breaks from their hobbies or careers due to a variety of reasons: summer vacations, moving, family events, burnout, etc. I ended up taking a long break from my fun hobby of repairs and mods due to the political environment. Yes, I know this is quite an odd reason to take a break but it was more because of how much I got myself involved or at least was worried about it.

I became very intensely interested in the state of our (the US government) after the 2016 election. I watched as the executive branch of government seemed to become a three ringed circus. With each week being worse than the last. From the point of the elections results till roughly May of 2017, I watched, read, and listened to just about anything I could politically. Now, I’m not trying to make this a politically charged post but more just as to where my “interests” were in that time frame along side repairs and mods.

In the past, I would watch very little news and only gather short bursts of it from particular outlets and be done with it. Since the election, I started gathering too much information and seeing the sad state of affairs in the country. This ultimately led to a lethargic lifestyle which affected my want to repair and mod further game systems. When I finally realised what was going on with me, it was about mid to late May. I had finally had enough of it all and stopped obsessing over the news and government. With that, I decided to get back to my former self, spending more time with my family, gaming, playing D&D with friends and such, just getting back to my core self.

With that, I had decided to set a deadline to get back into repairs and mods. That deadline was after our families short vacation this summer, which was fun and somewhat low key. This time period also gave me about three months to mentally recover and get back into my passions and interests. Now that this time has passed, I am slowly getting back into repairs and mods. I’m certainly not going to be as intense about my mod jobs as I was but it won’t be a trickle either. In any event, it’ll be a balancing act of family time, hobbies, chores, and my work.